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Flinthill: showtime

Flinthill Sunshine Suzy - some results

first, limit bitch - November, 2016

Scottish Kennel Club CS
second, limit bitch - August, 2016

Southern Pointer Club CS
third, limit bitch - July, 2016

Manchester CS
third, limit bitch - January, 2016

Midland Counties CS
first, postgraduate bitch - October, 2015

Birmingham CS
second, graduate bitch - September, 2015

Leeds CS
second, yearling bitch - July, 2015

Border Union CS
second, postgraduate bitch - June, 2015

Bath C S
second, postgraduate bitch - May, 2015

Pointer Club CS
second, graduate bitch - April, 2015


More Showtime (with Results)

Suzy at WELKS

Suzy at WELKS championship show in April, 2017. Pic by Rachel Philo

suzy head shot

Suzy pictured in November, 2016. Pic by Sam Anderson-Rowel

suzy on move

Suzy on the move at Bath C S in May, 2015

suzy at GBAS

Suzy in the bitch lineup at GBAS with handler Helga Edmondson after winning her limit class 

suzy at WELKS

Suzy at WELKS Championship show, April 2017. Pic by Rachel Philo

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