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Flinthill: the boys


Frankie (Flinthill Pimpernel) is best described as a loveable loon! There's never a dull moment when he is around and he is the happiest, most delightful dog. Born in February, 2015, his mother is Evie (Braithwaite Ever Thus at Flinthill) and his father is Mr Woof (Flinthill Chocolate Thyme).

One of 12 puppies, even as young as two weeks old, he was constantly first out of the whelping box to meet everyone. Since then, he's always loved people and other dogs as well as adventures in the fields and exploring new places.

Frankie loves the excitement of being in the show ring and has had some good wins as a puppy and junior dog at local open shows and championship shows. He is now living with friends nearby and has recently qualified to be a PAT dog.

More Flinthill Boys

Frankie at show

Frankie aged nine months in the show ring. Pic by Claire Reid

Frankie by the river

Down by the riverside

Frankie in the fields

Playing in the fields with his sisters

Thyme teaches Frankie

Granny Thyme teaching Frankie how to find birds

head shot

Handsome boy

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